Seafoam Gray {Ethereal} Silk Ribbon

$ 25.00 $ 32.00
Width & Length

Seafoam Gray {Ethereal} is an earthy gray-green hue with blue undertones. Earthy elegance comes from the matte texture and natural shimmer of our raw organic silk. This unique hue, only achieved through extracting color from flowers, adds a magical texture and a custom look to your bridal bouquet or over-the-top gift wrapping. 

Our hand-loomed "ethereal" ribbon is custom-made and exclusive to Silk & Willow. This ribbon has a light and airy weight with a natural shimmer. This ribbon adds a unique texture to your bridal bouquet, to your gift-wrapping, and when tying together your wedding invitation suite. Our "ethereal" ribbons are soft and very delicate! It's the perfectly imperfect nature of the material which adds to the uniqueness! Expect variations in weave and width. Each batch varies. Limited supply, available while supplies last.

Ahimsa, peace silk.