Coral Botanical Print {Ethereal} Silk Textile / 5 yards

$ 520.00

Our silky sheer, ethereal silk fabric is plant-dyed and botanically printed with marigold flowers. This beautifully unique textile is hand-woven organic silk with a natural shimmer highlighting the floral botanical prints.

Experience a beautiful ombre of hues as the coral tones bend into the golden center. Botanical prints are mirrored as they run down the center of the fabric.

This silk textile makes a stunning table adornment draped as a table runner or will make a statement on your cake table with beautiful billows of botanical printed silk. 

Each piece is created in an exact same manner, though prints can vary on each piece. Each textile is one-of-a-kind.

This bespoke silk textile will be a wonderful addition to your Autumn celebration. 

100% Organic Hand-woven Silk

Width / 45 inches 

Length / 5 yards, ends are unfinished with a light fray. 

Notes / This hand-woven fabric is perfectly imperfect; how we love it! It is air-dried and lightly ironed. It comes folded in our handmade silk bag.  Lightly spritz with water and shake to remove creases, or iron silk on silk setting or medium heat. The edges are roughly cut. It is intended for decorative purposes and can be hand-washed in cold water with natural pH-neutral soap, such as Seventh Generation. Gently squeeze out water and roll in a towel to remove excess water. Hang to dry. Note, exposure to ongoing direct sunlight can fade natural colors.