100% Silk Satin Klecksography Scarf {Woodgrain 001}

$ 128.00


Size | 35 x 35 inches - 87 x 87 cm

Produced as a replica of Shellie's original art, "Woodgrain Walnut."

INSPIRED BY NATURE. This original pattern was created using natural ink from locally foraged walnuts.

Shellie artfully infused color into silk using a technique she has mastered over the past 10 years, creating our "Woodgrain Walnut" design.  We've digitally replicated this artwork and mirrored the pattern. This method of mirroring, known as Klecksography, reflects natural patterns to stimulate imagination and creativity. This unique technique was pioneered by Justinus Kerner, a German poet, and physician, who is credited with introducing klecksographs in his poetry books during the 19th century. Later, The technique gained further prominence with Hermann Rorschach, a Swiss psychiatrist whose name became synonymous with the Rorschach Inkblot Test.

The scarf pattern may evoke images of a bird, butterfly, or divine figure. Embrace your imagination!

Experience the merging of history and innovation. 

Your scarf comes folded and presented in our hand-loomed, hand-sewn, organic silk bag. The perfect gift presentation! Use your silk scarf as a neck accessory, hair wrap, or tying on your purse to add texture and pattern to your fashion ensemble. 

After years of researching the most sustainably sound method of reproducing our original botanical prints, we've finally done it!

Silk Satin Klecksography Scarf / Sustainability Standard 

  • Grade A 100% Mulberry Silk Satin
  • OEKO-TEX ® Standard 100
  • Fair Trade / Social Responsibility & Charitable Responsibility 
  • Zero Waste + No harmful chemicals

Digitally printed and manufactured with strict Environment and Social Standards.

CARE | Machine washable. Wash on a delicate cycle of cold water. Use silk detergent or natural pH-neutral laundry detergent such as Seventh GenerationHang to dry—iron on the back side of the scarf with medium heat or your iron silk setting. Or dry clean.