Wedding Head Table / Sheer Silk Table Overlay {Antique White}

$ 1,500.00
Length & Hue


Make a statement with our plant-dyed, 100% sheer silk table overlay. 

Our sheer silk overlay is designed to create a sheer veil of flowing silk on top of your Wedding Head Table or Milestone Event Celebration.

Opulence, luxury, and the sustainability of natural color add to the moments of your special day. 


Silk & Willow sheer silk overlays are naturally hand-dyed in our Hudson Valley Studio, then hand-stitched by a master seamstress in the NYC fashion district. Three silk panels are stitched together to create a full-coverage table overlay. There will be two seams on your silk overlay, each outlining the edge of the table. The width of the inner panel can be customized to your table depth. 

Width / 123 inches, (3.42 yards, 3.1 meters)

Length varies.

Once ordered allow 2-4 weeks for shipment. Contact us if there is a time urgency. There will be a rush fee added to urgent orders required in less time.

To order a custom-length Silk Table Overlay, contact us here

Photos by Kaylea Moreno / Styling & Florals Designs by Hemingway