Bellini Organic Silk Ribbon

$ 4.00
Ribbon Width

Discover BELLINI, the perfect fusion of peach and pink. With a captivating undertone of pink, this peachy-coral hue effortlessly complements both coral and pink flowers. 

Introducing our NEW Organic Silk Ribbon: ethically sourced, naturally dyed, and hand-loomed silk. Crafted from wild-harvested silk, this 12mm ribbon is a luxurious weight that feels slightly lighter than our classic silk ribbons due to the varying production methods. Exclusively made for Silk & Willow, you will only find this level of quality here. Prepare to be amazed by its unparalleled sheen and sumptuous feel.

This is not your ordinary silk ribbon - it's a professional-grade silk ribbon. Delicate edges require careful handling and expertise when wrapping your bridal bouquet. But fear not, for the result will be nothing short of breathtaking. Let your bridal bouquet exude sheer beauty and elegance with this exquisite silk ribbon.

Color Sample is approximately 9 inches of 1.5 inch ribbon