Blush {Ethereal} Silk Ribbon

$ 45.00
Width & Length

BLUSH {Ethereal} is our classic and romantic bridal hue.

Organic Hand-loomed Peace Silk

Ethereal plant-dyed silk ribbon is a unique weave custom crafted from peace silk and exclusive to Silk & Willow. 

Blush {Ethereal}  adds a layer of sheer texture to elevate your bridal bouquet. Use on its own, or combined with our classic silk ribbons. The natural shimmer of our raw organic silk creates an unmatchable earthy elegance. 

"Ethereal" silk ribbon is a feather-weight silk. This is hand-loomed silk with a beautiful delicate weave. Due to the delicate hand-made nature of this silk, imperfections are always possible. 

 Ahimsa silk, peace silk.