Botanical Print Sheer Silk Table Runner {Marigold & Chrysanthemum}

$ 225.00

Botanical Print {Marigold & Chrysanthemum}

Starting with our classic light and airy sheer silk, loads of flowers are rolled into the silk and then steamed to create botanical prints. With a base hue of golden yellow and flower markings of yellow gold, burnt orange, and amber.

The flower markings are seen throughout. Marigolds run down the center while Snow Chrysanthemum are sprinkles along the edges. The botanical prints create a continuous natural pattern across the silk.

Layered over a solid table cover, the botanicals appear more vibrant. As a single layer, it creates a sheer layer of floral prints on your table. Use to style on dinner tables, entry tables, wedding cake tables, grazing tables, or for styling your flatlay photography.

Each Sheer Silk Table Runner is one-of-a-kind. 

Comes lightly ironed and folded in a keepsake organic gossamer silk bag. 

Iron on medium heat or your irons "silk setting", steam, or spritz with water to remove fold creases. 

Approx. Width /  42 inches