Botanical Dyed Silk Handkerchief 12 x 12" {French Blue}

$ 28.00
Color: French Blue

100% Silk Handkerchief/ Pocket Square. 

French Blue is a soft place blue hue with gray undertones. 

Add a lasting touch to your special day with this beautiful Silk Handkerchief. This special piece is made of luxurious silk fabric, naturally and botanically dyed with a soft blush hue. Perfect for topping off a suit with a hint of color or to catch your tears of joy while standing at the aisle on your wedding day. With its soft and luxurious feel, the Silk Handkerchief provides a timeless elegance that will be cherished for years.

Experience softness and luxury in every touch—hand-dyed, slow-crafted botanical color.

Approx. Size | 12 x 12 inches

Machine-sewn hem with Silk & Willow logo tag.

Washable | Wash in cold water using pH neural natural laundry soap on a delicate wash cycle.

Notes | Color variations are always possible due to the natural dyeing process. 

Comes folded in a PLA compostable clear bag.