Coral Canna {Organza} Silk Ribbon

$ 4.00
Width & Length

Introducing the wonderfully unique and luxurious Coral Canna Organza silk ribbon, inspired by the beautiful coral Canna Lily. This color is a balanced blend of warm coral and delicate rose tones that will seamlessly enhance any Spring or Summer bouquet. Add a touch of texture by layering it with our classic silk ribbons, or let it speak for itself as the stunning adornment to your bridal bouquet. Coral Canna organza silk ribbon is a beautiful addition to your wedding flowers and eco-friendly - so you can feel confident in selecting a responsible, sustainable accessory for your special day. 

Sustainably gathered silk cocoons, known as "peace silk," are delicately spun and woven to produce this ethereal lightweight ribbon. Crafted from raw organic silk, naturally dyed and hand-loomed exclusively for Silk & Willow, this ribbon epitomizes sustainable luxury.

Sample Swatch is 9 inches; width varies.