Cranberry Crush Silk Ribbon / LIMITED EDITION

$ 4.00
Width & Length

Introducing our brand new Cranberry Crush Silk Ribbon. It's dyed with the historical natural dye, Madder Root, resulting in a stunning color that beautifully combines red and wine hues. Meticulously hand-dyed, creating a unique marbled effect with light and dark shades throughout.

Perfect for fall and winter weddings, the Cranberry Crush Silk Ribbon adds an elegant touch to bridal bouquets. It can also be used to elevate your home decor by tying it around your holiday wreath.

For a truly luxurious holiday experience, incorporate our Cranberry Crush silk ribbon into your Christmas gift wrapping. It also adds an heirloom feel when used to hang Christmas ornaments.

Sample Swatch is 9 inches of 1.5 inch width ribbon