Crushed Cranberry | 26 x 26" 100% Silk Twill Scarf

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Indulge in the rich history of natural dyes with our Silk Twill scarf dyed with Madder Roots. This ancient natural dye, sourced from the roots of the Rubia tinctorum plant, has a long and fascinating history.  It was considered one of the most valuable natural dyes and was even used as currency in trade. Madder root was particularly popular in Europe during the Middle Ages, where it was used to color the clothing of nobility. The dyeing process with Madder Roots is extensive and requires extreme care and expertise to achieve its deep red hues. With our Silk Twill Crushed Cranberry Scarf dyed using this ancient, prized dye, you can carry a piece of history with you wherever you go.

Crushed Cranberry is a beautiful deep red hue with a unique twist. Light patterns emerge from the red, created by the dye pot's natural twists and turns. Crafted to add depth and character to this rich color. Each design is unique and varies on each scarf. Upgrade your wardrobe with a one-of-a-kind fashion accessory. 

Each scarf is presented in a handmade 100% silk organza bag, making it the perfect gift for someone special.

Note / our "seconds" scarf has a small dark spot, see last photo.

Handcrafted by textile artist Shellie Pomeroy.

Machine hemmed. 

CARE / Hand washing is preferred, but you can wash in the washing machine on a delicate cycle in a mesh bag. Be sure to use chemical-free, pH-neutral laundry soap (we use Seventh Generation), as harsh chemical detergents can alter natural hues. Wash on a cold and gentle cycle. 
Keep your silk scarf looking its best longer by paying attention to how you dry it! After washing, delicately squeeze out water without twisting or wringing. To absorb remaining moisture, roll it in a towel and press out extra water, then lay it flat or hang it to dry for optimal results; alternatively, putting it on low heat setting in the dryer will quickly dry your silk- just be sure not to over-dry as shrinkage may occur. For perfect drying each time, try tumbling on low heat, 10 minutes at a time, checking every interval until it's just done - this will avoid wrinkles with no need for ironing afterward! If ironing is needed, use the silk setting on your iron or medium heat and iron on the back side of the silk (the side with the Silk & Willow logo).
100% Silk Twill /  Grade 6A / GOTS certified silk
approx size / 26 x 26 inches.