Lilac Gray Silk Ribbon

$ 4.00
Width & Length

Lilac Gray is a sophisticated and versatile hue that beautifully marries the calming neutrality of gray with the gentle warmth of lilac undertones. This unique color is a modern neutral with a subtle hint of color. Lilac Gray exudes a sense of serenity, making it a wonderful choice for pairing with Spring and Summer flower bouquets. This ribbon color will pull out the lilac-mauve hues in lilac flowers, hellebore, mauve roses, sweet peas, allium, and many more!

Lilac Gray is your color when you want a subtle hue to compliment your floral colors without taking center stage. A hue that is both timeless and contemporary, capable of complementing a wide range of palettes and styles. 

This ribbon is a color shifter. It can change and adapt to different lighting and  surrounding hues—it's the magic of natural color. 

Note / Small speckles of plant matter may be present on this ribbon. For markings that are more pronounced, they are classified in our "Seconds" ribbons.