LIMITED EDITION | Botanical Print Ribbon Sampler No. 118 + 119

$ 48.00
Width & Length

Botanical Print Sampler Ribbons No. 118 + No. 119 This Limited Edition Ribbon Set includes 2 yards of Botanical Print No. 118 and 2 yards of Botanical Print No. 119.

Each spool holds 4 yards total of Botanical Print Silk Ribbons. Each ribbon measures 2 yards each. This is a Bias ribbon, which means it is cut on the bias to create a unique and natural drape, but these ribbons DO NOT feature a bias seam. There are no seams on these ribbons. 


Each ribbon starts with a base hue dyed with our homegrown dyers chamomile. Then, flowers are rolled into the silk and steamed to create eco-prints designs.

Botanical Print No. 118 has a light and bright yellow base hue with fresh coreopsis flowers sprinkled throughout. 

Botanical Print No. 119 has a soft golden hue with an array of our dried flower petals. Your ribbon may include markings from marigolds, peonies, hollyhocks, hibiscus, dahlias, and more. 

The images here represent the color palette, but the markings on each ribbon vary. The botanical prints are abstract and each ribbon varies on the amount of botanical prints. 

Each ribbon is a piece of original artwork.

• Wrap your bridal bouquets

• Create unique gift-wrapping presentations

• Wrap invitation suites

• Use to create a vow book

EACH RIBBON IS ONE-OF-A-KIND — Nature, captured in lasting form.