Natural White {Ethereal Silk Fabric}

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Natural White {Ethereal Silk Fabric} is an un-dyed silk fabric. This fabric is hand-loomed from wild-harvested silk cocoons. This is Ahimsa silk, also known as "peace silk.” The light airiness of this silk creates a transparent silk veil in a variety of applications. This material has a slight stiffness that gives it "body".

Note | Due to the delicate weave, expect irregularities in the weave. This is a perfectly imperfect textile. 

Due to the delicate nature of this fabric, it is intended for decorative purposes.

  • Use as a transparent layer to add a veil of texture to your table
  • Use to decorate/ prop styling
  • Use as a transparent decorative wall panel
  • Add a veil of texture to your windows
  • Cut to size and use as gift wrapping
  • Cut into strips and make ribbon

SIZE / 43 inch width


Hand-loomed in homes using pit looms. Supporting the continuation of traditional looming methods passed down through generations. We work directly with our spinners and weavers to develop unique, sustainable fabrics. Made in India. 
CARE / dry clean only. Iron on medium heat to remove creases. NOTE, this material is ultra-delicate; hand washing can compromise the weave and texture. This material is intended for decorative purposes. 
This fabric is cut and sold by the yard. Fabric comes folded and will require ironing to remove creases.
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