Silk + Linen Table Runner

$ 22.00 $ 75.00
Width x Length

Attention Event Planners & Venues!!! This is a steal! 

Please read full description.

In our quest to create a unique and captivating product, we commissioned these ethereal table runners that blend the sheer elegance of silk with the robustness of linen. Each runner is meticulously handcrafted from hand-spun silk and flax linen, a testament to artisanal quality.

We eagerly anticipated applying our botanical dyeing magic to them in-house, but unfortunately, the beautiful weave became irregular during our intensive dyeing process. After testing various cleaning methods, we found that these table runners are best maintained through dry cleaning only.

We had ambitious plans to devise a method of painting and steaming color onto them with minimal disruption to the weave's integrity. Sadly, we haven't yet had the chance to implement this. During our recent shop clean-up, we decided to let them go and offer them at a significantly reduced price.

We envision these as a stunning addition to an all-white wedding theme. They add a sheer layer of texture and sophistication to standard table linens. Plus, their extra-long length, a rarity in the market, allows for a seamless look when joining multiple tables together.

Care / Dry Clean only.