Cranberry {Sheer Silk Runner}

$ 76.00

Elevate your special event or wedding with our Cranberry Sheer Silk table runner. This red sheer silk with cranberry undertones creates a festive and romantic atmosphere, perfect for transforming your holiday table or wedding head table.

COLOR / A rich medium red that appears lighter in color in bright daylight, and deeper in color in low light. 

Bring a festive flair to your holiday home decor.

STYLING / To ensure a flawless presentation, simply iron the runner on low-medium heat to remove any fold lines. Alternatively, lightly spritz the fabric with water, then shake the fabric, and watch as the creases naturally fade away.

Approx. Width / 42 inches

Our silk fabrics are very versatile

- romantic covering to your wedding head-table
- drape over the "bride & groom" chairs
- drape as a backdrop
- cut to length and wear as a scarf
- cut in strips and use as ribbon

CARE // Hand wash is recommended; can machine wash separately, gentle cycle/cold. Always use pH neutral soap if needed as chemicals or drastic changes in pH can shift natural colors. Hang or lay flat to dry.