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Our summer gardens were abundant with color this summer! With almost endless possibilities for cooking and blending plant materials to create color, I honed in on a green palette crafted from the most abundant flowers and wildflowers in my gardens. Our “Green Collection” of hand-dyed silk ribbons makes your Fall and Winter bridal bouquets enchanting, and your holiday wreaths and wrapping sparkle.

Explore our garden of Green Hues


Crafted from Tansy {whole plant, fresh}

Tansy is an earthy “yellow-green” hue. It highlights your variegated foliage and will balance a green tint in white flowers. 

Use to create a vibrant contrast on your deep green holiday wreaths. 


Crafted from Bee Balm {whole plant, fresh + dried}

Eucalyptus is a “color changer,” meaning this hue can be seen differently in different lighting. Also, color is personal and can be perceived differently by each person. I see this color as a dusty green with blue undertones, others will see this as a gray-green. This is a color like no other; only possible with wild-crafted blooms! 


Crafted from Queen Anne’s Lace {whole plant, fresh + dried}

Queen Anne is a subtle green hue with a vintage feel. This is a soft pale "minty" hue with a hint of gray in the undertone to soften the vibrancy. The perfect compliment to chartreuse flowers such as Hellebore, Bells of Ireland, Hydrangea, Ranunculus, and more.


Crafted from Queen Anne’s Lace {whole plant, fresh + dried}, Tansy {fresh leaves}, Golden Rod {fresh whole plant + leaves}, Coreopsis {dried}

Botanical print no. 89 silk ribbon is first hand dyed in a dye bath of Queen Anne’s Lace to create our soft “Queen Anne” hue. Then, plants, flowers, and leaves are rolled into the silk and steamed to create their lasting imprint. This is a fun and unique ribbon. The amber prints from the flowers and chartreuse eco-prints from leaves make a memorable statement tied on your wedding flowers, incorporated into your fall table decor, creating a bow on your holiday wreath, or gift wrapping a special gift.


Crafted from Dyers Chamomile {whole plant, fresh}

Olive is a rich olive green with gray undertones. This color has some marbling which adds a unique touch and richness to the color. This is a classic holiday green hue with an earthy twist.

A must-have silk ribbon for your holiday home decor (silk ribbon for hanging ornaments and bells) and adorning holiday wreaths. Perfect for holiday gift wrapping; tie a simple bow and add a sprig of greens or berries and create a beautiful gift display.


hand dyed silk ribbon