Bright sunny yellow flowers are a sure sign that Spring is here! So grab a bundle of daffodils from your local market (Trader Joe’s is a good source) and check my table styling tips for creating an easy and relaxed, Nature-Inspired, Spring table setting.

The idea for this table came from my walk in the woods. Peeking from the fallen leaves left from fall, vibrant green mosses were draped over rocks and branches everywhere. The image of Easter Baskets with green grass came to mind, and I knew the moss would make a fun addition to my table. 

DIY Spring Tablescape design

Flower arrangements are made using a collection of small ceramic bowls and one larger bowl. Any bowls will do, but here you will see our handmade Styling Ceramic Bowls made by SAAVA STUDIO.
I love the irregular shape and raw edge that add a special handmade touch to the table. First, the gathered moss is spritzed with water and pressed tightly into each bowl. Then, I make a hole in the moss to hold the flowers snugly in place.

 The larger bowl on the end of the table holds a larger floral arrangement with a candle in the center. The beeswax candle will add a sweet scent to the room while adding to the asymmetrical design. 

The dinner plates are from CB2. I love their Crisp Matte White Plates for their versatility—they go with everything! The dinner plates are topped with raw edge salad plates made by TRACE AESTHETIC, adding contrasting shapes and textures. 

French Blue Napkins are folded into a small square to fit nicely on the salad plate without covering up too much of the plate's beautiful shape. Menus are made with our Charcoal handmade paper (printed with a laser printer) and tied with a ribbon to create an inviting presentation. Match your ribbon color to your flower colors to create a cohesive feel and keep your eye moving throughout the table. 

A French Blue {Tight Weave Table Runner} is gathered on the table and drapes over each end to puddle slightly on the floor. Here I use a 4.5-yard table runner for my 65-inch long table. Tucked under the larger floral arrangement, I add a Blue Slate {Medium Weave Table Runner} to add an additional layer of color to highlight the asymmetry at the end of the table.


French Blue {Tight Weave Table Runner}, Blue Slate {Medium Weave Table Runner}, French Blue {Tight Weave Napkins}, Natural White {Handmade Ceramic Bowls}, Charcoal {handmade Paper}, Greentree Home {Beeswax Candle}, CB2 Matte White Dinner Plates, Trace Aesthetic Raw Edge Salad Plates, Crate & Barrel Flatware (the flatware set I have from Crate & Barrel is about 20 years old! This is the new version of the now vintage set I have and love.)