NEW 100% Plant-Based Banana "Silk" Ribbon

$ 32.00
Width & Length
Color: Sandstone

Handcrafted from banana fibers, this Vegan “Silk” Ribbon is hand-loomed, naturally plant-dyed, and 100% plant-based ribbon. Our unique ribbon has the shimmer of silk with the weight and feel of cotton. We have been working with master weavers for a decade, and they created a plant-based weave that is shockingly similar to silk. 

An innovation designed and crafted exclusively for Silk & Willow. 

Crafted with sustainable plant fibers, experience the luxurious touch of this uniquely textured weave. This beautiful ribbon has a lustrous sheen similar to pure silk, and a heavy drape, creating an elegant and graceful look. 

The most luxurious 100% plant-based vegan ribbon.

Choose from:

Sandstone - a soft dusty coral hue, is a warm, inviting color that combines the gentle brightness of coral with the understated elegance of a muted, dusty tone. Think of this dusty coral hue subdued by a layer of fine desert sand, making it ready almost as a neutral hue. This earthy shade has a soothing quality, yet it also radiates a subtle warmth.

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Copper Rose - is a captivating color that beautifully merges the warm, metallic glow of copper with the rich, romantic hues of a delicate rose. This color exudes an elegant charm and sophisticated allure. In the light, copper-rose can shimmer and sparkle, much like the metallic element it's named after, yet its rosy undertone lends a certain softness. It's a versatile color that can be both dramatic and understate