Botanical Dyed Restorative Silk Eye Mask

$ 62.00

Experience the ultimate luxury with a pure silk eye mask that guarantees a peaceful and restful night's sleep. Our silk eyemasks are made using the finest 6A grade mulberry silk satin renowned for its skin moisturizing properties. Each eye mask is botanically dyed in-house using flowers hand-picked from our gardens at our Hudson Valley studio, making each piece unique. 

Silk eye masks are a wonderful addition to your everyday self-care routine.

Each eye mask is unique, featuring a base hue of light yellow created from marigolds and soft botanical prints made from an assortment of flower petals. While some designs are rich with multiple markings, most are minimalistic, offering more subdued botanical prints. Indulge in the beauty of these handcrafted botanical prints and experience a truly one-of-a-kind product.

Transform your sleep with our luxurious silk eye masks designed to promote healthy sleep patterns by blocking out light and providing the ultimate comfort with breathability and natural cooling so you can wake up refreshed every morning.

  • 100% Grade 6A Mulberry Silk Satin outer with pure silk filler. 
  • 8 x 3.5 inches 

CARE / We recommend hand washing with cool water and natural pH-neutral laundry soap for optimal results. To remove excess water, press and roll gently between a towel. Afterward, lay your eyemask flat to dry. If required, iron on low heat. Refrain from washing in the washing machine; it can result in the silk filler mishaping. 

Each eye mask comes in our handmade organic 100% silk bag.