Botanical Print No. 114 Silk Ribbon

$ 43.00
Width & Length

Botanical Print no. 114 

This unique ribbon features a warm gray base hue with beautiful plum undertones. The russet and amber botanical prints are artfully placed, creating an alluring botanical pattern.

The earthy hues (which can only come from Nature)create a moody vibe on your winter flower bouquet or Nordic wreath this Winter Season.

Note / The base color of this ribbon is very unique and difficult to capture or express in words. The base color is derived from Matter root and Brazilwood, both are typically know for creating red hues. With a bit of natural modifiers and chemistry, the red hue was shifted to a purple tone. Next, loads of tiny Chrysanthemums flowers are rolled into the silk and steamed to create their lasting botanical imprints. The combination of heat and color from the botanicals shifted the purple base to a more gray hue with purple undertones. 

EACH RIBBON IS ONE-OF-A-KIND — Nature, captured in lasting form.