Ribbon Set / Blushing Rose Silk Ribbons

$ 50.00
Width & Length

More ribbons per spool at a reduced price!! 

More ribbons per/spool, for all your Bow making design projects and ideal for Bridesmaid's Bouquets.

How much ribbon do I get?

Each spool holds 6 yards total of Blushing Rose Silk Ribbons. You get 3 ribbons that measure 2 yards each. This is a Bias ribbon, which means it is cut on the bias to create a unique and natural drape, but these ribbons DO NOT feature a bias seam. There are no seams on these ribbons. 


  • 1.5-inch width ribbon - total 6 yards (3 x 2-yard ribbons)
  • 2.5-inch width ribbon - total 6 yards (3 x 2-yard ribbons)
  • 4-inch width ribbon - total 6 yards (3 x 2-yard ribbons)

Our naturally dyed Blushing Rose silk ribbons are perfect for your wedding bouquets, adding a soft touch of color to your floral centerpiece, gift wrapping, or as a hair bow. This soft romantic hue will add a touch of luxury to any special occasion.