Ribbon Set / Antique White Silk Ribbons

$ 50.00
Width & Length

More ribbons per spool at a reduced price!! 

More ribbons per/spool, for all your Bow making design projects and ideal for Bridesmaid's Bouquets.

How much ribbon do I get?

Each spool holds 6 yards total of Antique White Silk Ribbons. You get 3 ribbons that measure 2 yards each. This is a Bias ribbon, which means it is cut on the bias to create a unique and natural drape, but these ribbons DO NOT feature a bias seam. There are no seams on these ribbons. 


  • 1.5-inch width ribbon - total 6 yards (3 x 2-yard ribbons)
  • 2.5-inch width ribbon - total 6 yards (3 x 2-yard ribbons)
  • 4-inch width ribbon - total 6 yards (3 x 2-yard ribbons)

Our Antique White is the perfect wedding white! Our naturally dyed Antique White silk ribbons are sought after by brides across the globe as the ideal ribbon to create a classic white bridal look.

More ribbons per spool to complete your bridal look, or design a show-stopping silk bow display.