Dark Wisteria Silk Ribbon / SECONDS

$ 24.00
Width & Length

Dark Wisteria - a delicate yet captivating dusty lilac shade. With its subtle gray undertone, this ribbon possesses an understated elegance. The gentle swirls and speckles of color are only visible in person adding depth and a touch of uniqueness to this special hue.

This ribbon is a SECONDS ribbon due to having a thicker bias seam which was sewn with cotton instead of silk threads. In addition, the pink and purple speckles of color from the dye materials cochineal and lac, which were used to create this hue, are more pronounced than typically expected. For this reason, we have discounted this ribbon. 

Dark Wisteria and Wisteria Silk Ribbon will perfectly complement your wedding theme if your wedding flowers include hellebore, lilac, heather, tulips, ranunculus, astrantia, sweet peas, or hydrangea. If you are combining ribbon colors, pair them with our other ribbon colors; Pebble Gray, Heather, and Mauve.

Note, this ribbon may have light pink or purple speckles from the dye materials cochineal and lac, used to create this hue.