Magenta {Satin Silk Ribbon} LIMITED EDITION

$ 36.00
Width & Length

Introducing the ultimate luxury silk ribbons for the holiday season: Magenta Satin Silk  Ribbons. Crafted with 100% Silk Satin, this premium-grade A Bridal Silk is not only stunningly beautiful but also produced under strict sustainable standards.

With a front side that boasts a shimmery, smooth satin finish and a lovely matte finish on the back, these ribbons radiate elegance. 

The vibrant magenta hue, delicately balanced between pink and purple, is created using historical natural dyes, matter root, and cochineal. The meticulous process of mixing pigments and hand dyeing brings out this intense and captivating color.

Whether planning a December wedding, creating holiday wreaths, or throwing a Barbie-themed soiree, this color is a must-have. But hurry, these ribbons are only available while supplies last - once they're gone, they won't be back until next season!