Mulberry Silk Ribbon / LIMITED EDITION

$ 4.00
Width & Length

Limited Edition

Mulberry Silk Ribbon

Elevate your bridal bouquets, styling projects, and gift presentations with our naturally dyed Mulberry Silk Ribbon. This ribbon showcases a deep plum hue enriched with red undertones, perfect for adding a touch of sophisticated elegance to any creation.

Wider widths are predominantly a solid, rich plum hue, while the 1.5-inch and 0.75-inch widths may feature a one-of-a-kind marbling effect.

Premium Silk: Made from the finest mulberry silk, this ribbon offers a soft, smooth texture and a lustrous finish.

Rich Color: The deep plum color with red undertones is a unique and striking hue. 

Versatile Usage: Perfect for gift wrapping, floral arrangements, wedding decor, Holiday wreaths, and various crafting projects.

Ideal for Bridal Bouquets: As a premium bridal bouquet ribbon. Add a handmade and meaningful touch to your special day.

Why Choose Mulberry Silk Ribbon? Our Mulberry Silk Ribbon is designed for those who appreciate the finer details and the unique beauty natural dyes can offer. The deep plum shade and enchanting marbling effect make it a standout choice for any occasion.

Sample Swatches are a 9-inch length sample of our 1.5-inch width ribbon.