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Our Jewel Tones Mystery Box is a collection of our silk ribbon "SECONDS", in an assortment of jewel tones. 

What is a "SECONDS" ribbon? These are ribbons with slight flaws. It may be marbling of color, a tiny spot, inconsistent width, frayed edge, irregular seam, or some other minor flaw that didn't pass our perfection meter. While these ribbons may have slight imperfections, they are still beautiful and usable for any occasion!! We like to say that just like nature, they are perfectly imperfect.

How does it work? We create a collection of ribbons from the saturated hues in our "seconds" ribbon collection. See the ribbon images for a sample of the colors we are choosing from. 

WHAT'S THE MYSTERY? The ribbon colors are randomly selected from our jewel-tone color collection. While you can select the number of spools and the sizes you love, the ribbon colors will be a surprise!! 

What sizes will I get? Choose from the collections below to select the number of ribbon spools and the width of ribbons:   

#1 MYSTERY BOX = 4 Spools of Ribbon

2 x 2.5" / 3 yards,  2 x 1.5"/ 3 yards (four spools total)


#2 MYSTERY BOX = 4 Spools of Ribbon

1 x 4"/ 3 yards,  1 x 2.5" / 3 yards,  1 x 1.5"/ 3 yards, 1 x 0.75"/ 5 yards (four spools total)


#3 MYSTERY BOX = 7 Spools of Ribbon

2 x 2.5" / 3 yards,  3 x 1.5"/ 3 yards,  2 x 0.75"/ 5 yards (seven spools total)

How much will I save?
 Our Mystery Boxes are priced at 40% off our original prices!  

What colors are in the JEWEL TONES Mystery boxes- Examples of colors that may be included are: Marigold, Botanical Marigold, Botanical No. 110, Eucauplatus, Olive, Playful Pink, French Blue, Scarlet, Crushed Berry, Noir, Moon Struck, Camelot, Copper, Romantic Red, Garnet Red, Magenta, or Copper Rose. 

Note / mystery boxes are pre-packaged and randomly selected for each order. It's a fun mystery for everyone!!