Mystic Blue {Gossamer} Silk Ribbon

$ 36.00
Width & Length

Mystic Blue is a deep rich saturated blue. Similar to a navy or sapphire blue, with a natural shimmer that makes this ribbon truly unique.  

This is a crisp, light, and ethereal silk ribbon. The edging is a clean-cut edge but can be hand-frayed for a new look. 

Organic hand-spun silk. Peace silk.

Dyed with indigo. Indigo is the most recognized natural dye throughout history. This divine hue holds deep meaning and tradition spanning many cultures. Indigo is a precious dye pigment, and we use only the purest quality. 

Due to the delicate nature of this silk ribbon, expect variations in the weave and width. This ribbon is perfectly imperfect and adds a natural and ethereal look when used to wrap your bridal bouquet.