{NEW} Olive Silk Ribbon / read full description

$ 30.00
Width & Length

Our new OLIVE is a captivating green hue enhanced by light, subtle marbling that adds depth and character. With soft gray undertones, this earthy green ribbon carries a vintage feel.

Each ribbon is hand-dyed in small batches, for this reason, each batch may vary slightly. 

NOTE / We have two batches of Olive Silk Ribbon: Olive and Light Olive. Both are the same beautiful green hue, with our "Light Olive" silk ribbon being a slightly lighter shade (see images). ALSO NOTE, our "Light Olive" silk ribbon bias seam is stitched with white thread; the white stitching is visible on the back side of the ribbon. For this reason, we have discounted our "Light Olive" silk ribbons, see last image.

Our green colors are the hardest to capture visually, as light reflects off the complex color pigments, making them appear differently depending on the lighting. We do our best to capture the coloring as we see it. If you need help color matching or selecting the perfect shade, feel free to reach out and contact us HERE