Organic Silk + Cotton Wrap

$ 20.00 $ 68.00
Color: Charcoal

This is the deal to take advantage of!! 

Your perfect everyday scarf!
60% Organic Peace Silk
40% Certified Organic Cotton
Size | 28 x 94 inches
Ends are hand-rolled and hand-sewn.

CHARCOALOops! We didn't realize that we had a stack of our gray Silk + Cotton blend scarves on a shelf that was in direct sunlight all summer. Where the scarf was folded and exposed to ongoing direct sun, the color faded. We love these scarves, and the marking actually adds a cool touch. 

RASPBERRY- This was made as a color test. Some scarves are pinker, and some are more red. A few have darker spots, but we discounted the whole batch as seconds to clear them out!

BLUSH - these scarves are great! They are naturally dyed in varying shades of Blush. They were stored hidden away in our studio in a bin that was labeled, "next step, botanical dye." We totally forgot we had them, and in the spirit of cleaning shop, here they go! 

Hand-loomed with organic spun silk and cotton, then naturally dyed. Our silk blend scarves are perfect for any weather. Silk has the magical ability to keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. 

Lightweight to wrap around multiple times to keep your neck warm and cozy.  

CARE / Machine washable, use a  cold, delicate cycle. Hang to dry, or dry in the dryer on low heat. Always use pH neutral, natural washing soap. As with all-natural dyes, chemicals can alter the color. 

This is a close-out item and is sold as-is. Due to the drastic discount, this item is non-returnable.