Set of 4 / Organic Cotton Hand-loomed Placemats/Picnic Mat

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Color: Natural White Placemats / Set of 4


Please read the full description:

We initially commissioned these placemats from our skilled weavers, envisioning them as a delightful everyday addition to our family and yours. However, we discovered that the cotton used in weaving each placemat was not pre-shrunk, resulting in shrinkage when washed.

Our Natural White & Warm White placemats have been left unwashed to maintain their appropriate size. We noticed that Pottery Barn sells similar hand-woven cotton placemats, and they suggest “spot cleaning,” which is a hint that they might face the same issue.

Before we realized the shrinkage issue, we had already test-washed a large batch of naturally dyed indigo placemats. These have been repurposed as 'Picnic Mats' due to their smaller size, which is perfect for a sweet picnic lunch.

We also found that the twisted tassels at the ends could start to unravel after machine washing. However, we loved the aesthetic of unraveling the tassels to create a long fray of strings at the ends, as demonstrated in the photo of the indigo Picnic Mat.

Although the outcome wasn't as initially intended, these placemats are a product of dedicated craftsmanship and hard work. We hope those who appreciate the beauty of handmade items will find the perfect use for these hand-loomed textiles.

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Choose from:

* Natural White Placemat- 17.5 inches x 15.5 inches (excludes tassels)- straight from the loom.

* Warm White Placemat (this is a neutral hue with a hint of blush in the undertone. reads as a warm white hue) (NOT PICTURED)- 17.5 inches x 15.5 inches (excludes tassels)- straight from the loom.

* Natural Indigo Picnic Mat - 15 x 14.5 inches (excluded tassels)- washed

This is a clearance item and, therefore, not returnable. Sold as-is.