Organic Cotton Hand-loomed Throw Blanket

$ 30.00 $ 130.00
Color: Warm White

Please read the full description:

Our blankets, inspired by a vintage hand-woven African mud cloth I've loved for years, were naturally dyed and hand-loomed by our expert weavers. We envisioned them as versatile throws, perfect for tossing in a basket for outdoor events when the temperature dips or for laying out at the park or beach as a picnic blanket.

However, an oversight occurred during the production process. Our weavers overlooked the pre-washing and pre-shrinking of the cotton threads, resulting in blankets that initially feel stiff straight off the loom. But there's a silver lining: after several washes, these blankets transform, becoming progressively softer and more akin to our original vision.

Unfortunately, due to time constraints, we cannot dedicate our machines to the multiple washes required to achieve this softness.....

Therefore, we're offering these blankets at a significant discount, passing on the task of washing and softening them to you. It's a small labor of love that will reward you with a beautifully soft and versatile throw! 

Take a look at all of the photos to see the before and after washing of our throw blankets (softened blankets pictured first). (ps. I have these in multiple places throughout my home to protect my furniture from cat hair! My cats love them!)

Priced to go!! 

Choose from:

•Natural White Throw Blanket (natural Antiqued White hue)- 72 inches x 54 inches (excluding tassels)

•Warm White Throw Blanket (a soft white with a hint of blush-taupe) - 72 x 54 inches (excluding tassels)

•Indigo Throw Blanket (deep indigo blue) - 72 x 54 inches (excluding tassels)

After multiple washes, expect it to shrink to approximately 70 x 50 inches

This is a clearance item and, therefore, not returnable. Sold as-is. 

NOTE | These are handmade textiles, and slight imperfections are always possible. They get softer and softer with each washing. After washing, twisted tassels may loosen.