Plant Dyed Silk Twilly / Blush + Hellebore

$ 73.00
Color: Blush Twilly

Plant Dyed 100% Silk Satin Twilly. 

What is a Twilly? 

The Twilly is an iconic fashion accessory with a rich history. Renowned brand Hermès developed this long and narrow scarf in the 1930s. Made from 100% silk and skillfully sewn together, the Twilly can be used as a stylish fashion accessory or as a protector for bag handles.

The Versatile Ways to Wear a Twilly-
Discover versatile ways to elevate your style with a scarf:

  • Classic Style: Wear it elegantly around your neck, either tied in a bow or let the ends hang loose.
  • Chic Accessory: Add a touch of sophistication to your outfit by wearing it tied on your wrist as a wrist bracelet.
  • Trendy Hairpiece: Transform your look by using the twilly as a headband or tied over a ponytail.
  • Fashionable Bag Accent: Give your purse a pop of color by tying the twilly around your bag handle.
  • The options are endless - express your own mood and creativity!

Our Twilly is crafted from the highest quality silk satin and dyed with natural plant dyes, creating our unique palette of hues. Use your Twilly to wrap your bridal bouquet on your special day, creating a truly memorable touch. After the celebrations, continue wearing your silk Twilly as a cherished reminder of your unforgettable wedding day.

Use your Twilly as a bouquet Wrap-
Once you secure your bouquet.

  1. You can use a ribbon to cover the stems and secure your twilly with a pin to the front of your bouquet for longer draping tails.
  2. Wrap your twilly around the base of your bouquet and knot it. Secure it with a pin. This will give you medium-length draping tails.
  3. Wrap your twilly around the base of your bouquet and tie a bow. This will create a sweet bow with short tails. 

    Width / 2.5 inches

    Length / 48 inches tip-to-tip

    Comes rolled in a 100% silk organza bag.

    Note/ Each twilly is plant dyed. While these are mostly solid in color, there may be subtle plant markings from the dyeing process, an unpredictable characteristic as unique and beautiful as nature itself. 

    CARE / Hand washing is preferred, but you can wash in the washing machine on a delicate cycle in a mesh bag. Be sure to use chemical-free, pH-neutral laundry soap (we use Seventh Generation). Do not use chemical detergents; they can alter natural hues. Wash on a cold and delicate cycle. After washing, delicately squeeze out water without twisting or wringing. To absorb remaining moisture, roll it in a towel and press out extra water, then lay it flat or hang it to dry. Use the silk setting on your iron or medium heat if ironing is needed. Prolonged exposure to direct sunlight can fade natural hues.