Scarlet Silk Ribbon

$ 22.00 $ 28.00
Width & Length

Love is in the air with this rich, radiant Scarlet hue. 

Experience the luxurious feel of genuine silk with our stunning Scarlet Ribbon. Perfect for making an unforgettable statement on your special day, this heirloom-quality piece is crafted meticulously to ensure the highest quality. With our extensive natural dyeing process, Scarlet Silk Ribbon will make a lasting impression on wedding bouquets and flower arrangements by showcasing its deep and vivid hue. 

Brides and florists love using Scarlet Silk Ribbon for special occasions and creations. Its rich color adds depth and character to winter bouquets, boutonnieres, ceremony details, and more - but it’s also ideal for holiday gift-wrapping. From winter wreaths to hanging holiday ornaments, our Scarlet Silk Ribbon will make your holiday gifts look unforgettable!

So, if you’re looking for a touch of timeless beauty to make your wedding or holiday season truly shine, then Scarlet Silk Ribbon is precisely what you need! 

NOTE / Our current batch of Scarlet Silk Ribbons is a shade lighter than pictured. It is listed below as "Light Scarlet". 

Sample Swatches are a 9-inch length sample of our 1.5-inch width ribbon.