Sea Glass Blue Silk Ribbon

$ 25.00
Width & Length

Our Sea Glass Blue Silk Ribbon is a delicate, dusty teal-blue shade, subtly accented with gray undertones. It's dyed using natural indigo, creating a 'living color' that beautifully shifts and alters with the changing light.

Being a hand-crafted item, you may notice specks of dye material - a testament to its artisanal nature. Embracing the Japanese philosophy of wabi-sabi, this ribbon celebrates the beauty in imperfection. Its unique characteristics only enhance its natural charm, making it perfect for those who cherish the allure of handcrafted items and value the unique character that these details bring to their special events or creative projects. 

Our See Glass Blue Silk Ribbon, with its serene hues reminiscent of the ocean and sky, encourages a deep connection to nature's most tranquil elements. This beautiful dusty blue ribbon adds an enchanting touch to your wedding bouquet, making it an ideal choice for beach weddings or oceanic-themed elopements.

Beyond bridal bouquets, this versatile ribbon is perfect for adding a sophisticated coastal vibe to your event decor. Whether used for wrapping invitations, customizing menus, or adding bows to your tablescape design, it brings a touch of seaside elegance to all your coastal gatherings. Experience the blend of luxury and nature with our Sea Glass Blue Silk Ribbon.

This ribbon is a light shade of Mayan Blue, and similar to French Blue.

Sample Swatches are a 9-inch length sample of our 1.5-inch width ribbon.