Botanical Pattern • Sleep Eye Mask + Hair Scrunchie Set

$ 52.00
Color: Botanical Pattern No. 001

100% Silk • Botanical Pattern Sleep Eye Mask + Hair Scrunchie Set.

Includes one silk sleep mask and one matching silk hair scrunchie. Come in our custom organic silk bag with care instructions. 

Indulge in luxury and comfort with our premium silk, botanical patterned Sleep Eye Mask and Hair Scrunchie. This ultra-plush, oversized, 100% pure grade 6A mulberry silk mask is perfect for a blissful night's sleep or a peaceful power nap. The hypoallergenic and breathable material ensures a soothing experience, reducing friction against the skin and protecting the delicate area around your eyes.

A harmonious blend of luxury, comfort, and eco-conscious design. Our silk eye mask and hair scrunchie botanical patterns are born from our original eco-dye process, where real flowers are delicately placed, rolled into silk, and steamed, leaving their floral impressions forever captured on silk. This eye mask brings our original artwork to you in a digital reproduction, maintaining the intricate details and organic appeal of the original.

Indulge in botanical bliss with our silk eye mask for better sleep, radiant skin, and enhanced relaxation. 

Maintaining our commitment to environmental stewardship, our printed silk sleep eye masks and hair scrunchies are Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 Certified, making them as gentle on the environment as they are on your skin.


  • Improved Sleep Quality: Silk eye masks effectively diffuse light for a deeper, more restful sleep.
  • Skin Health: Silk is smooth and soft against your skin, reducing friction and the potential for skin irritation. This means less chance of developing creases or wrinkles caused by pressure on your face.
  • Temperature Regulation: Silk is a natural material that breathes well and helps regulate body temperature. It can keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter, contributing to comfortable sleep.
  • Hypoallergenic Properties: Silk is naturally resistant to dust, fungus, mold, and other allergens, making it an excellent choice for people with allergies.
  • Eye Health: Wearing a silk eye mask can protect the delicate skin around your eyes, reducing puffiness and dark circles.
  • Enhanced Relaxation: The luxurious feel of a silk eye mask can enhance your bedtime routine, signaling to your brain that it's time to unwind and relax.
  • Travel-friendly: Silk eye masks are lightweight and easy to pack, making them an essential travel accessory for ensuring quality sleep wherever you go.
  • Beauty: Silk fabric not only keeps your skin beautifully hydrated but also ensures your precious beauty products stay where they belong – on your skin. Unlike cotton, which absorbs moisture, silk prevents any product absorption, allowing you to wake up with beautiful and moisturized skin every morning. 

Our oversized silk sleep masks provide benefits that extend beyond your eye area, enhancing your overall sleep and skin health.

Size / 8.25 x 4 inches

CARE / For the best care of your eye mask, wash by hand using cool water and a natural, pH-neutral laundry detergent. To remove extra water, gently press and roll the mask between a towel. Then, allow it to dry by laying it flat. If necessary, you can iron it using a low heat setting. Please avoid machine washing as it could misshape the silk filling. Hair scrunchies can be washed either by hand or in a washing machine. We recommended using a cold and delicate wash cycle for machine washing. After washing, scrunchies can be dried using a low heat setting in the dryer, or lay flat to dry.

At Silk & Willow, we hold strong environmental standards at the core of our production process. We have carefully selected three botanical patterns to digitally print on Grade 6A Mulberry silk - the highest quality silk available. Our silk fabric and production are certified OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 and OEKO-TEX® MADE IN GREEN, ensuring that our products meet rigorous standards of environmentally friendly production, product, and customer safety, social responsibility, and transparency.  
• 100% Grade 6A Mulberry Silk
• Naturally Hypoalgernic