Vegan Silk {100% Plant Based Banana Fabric} / Copper Rose or Champagne

$ 58.00
Color: Copper Rose - Banana Silk

A hand-loomed and naturally plant-dyed Banana fabric with the look of silk, crafted exclusively for Silk & Willow. Our first 100% plant-based "silk" fabric.

Experience the luxurious touch of this uniquely textured weave. Crafted with the finest plant materials, this styling fabric boasts a lustrous sheen reminiscent of pure silk. Despite its medium weight, it drapes heavily, creating an elegant and graceful look. The beauty of this fabric truly shines when styled, as the folds capture and reflect light, adding a breathtaking dimension. The botanical dyes used in our material allow it to subtly change hues as the sunlight dances across it.

Choose from:
Copper Rose- A deep rose color with copper undertones. 
Champagne - A classic champagne color. It's an earthy, neutral hue. 
Multiple yards will come as one continuous piece. 

A must-have for your photography styling toolkit!

100% Plant Based Silk. Made from Banana Fibers.

Extra-wide Width- 48 inches

The ends of the fabric are unfinished and frayed. The selvage sides of the fabric have a feathered fringe edge. It comes cut to length and folded. 

CARE | Dry Clean or Hand Wash in cool water. Use a natural, chemical-free, pH-neutral laundry soap. Gently squeeze out water and roll in a towel to remove excess water. Hand to dry. Iron as needed on medium heat.