DIY / Undyed Silk Ribbon

$ 2.75

Make your own Naturally-dyed Silk Ribbon at home!!

For a limited time, we are offering our Undyed Silk Ribbon, sold by the yard, for you to experiment with naturally dyed silk ribbons at home!

Multiple yards of a single width will come in a continuous length. There will be a bias seam approximately every 1.5 yards. 1-yard pieces may contain a bias seam.   

100% Habutai Silk. Bias ribbon.

Weight / 10mm

No wooded spool is included, ribbons come folded flat in a PLA compostable bag.

Wood Dowel for DIY Botanical Print Ribbon - 0.5 inch x 6 inches

See our easy recipe for dyeing with Avocado Pits and  Onion Skin, or explore Pinterest for many other fun natural dye recipes. The color possibilities are endless!